Swisher Sweets Diamonds

Swisher Sweets are a unique blend of natural and artificial flavors, creating a sweet and smooth smoking experience.  Even the classic swishers have a slight sweetness to them. Swisher Sweet Diamond is the ultimate flavorless swisher.

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Unsweet cigarillo is now part of Swisher Sweets’ classic cigarillo line-up

When your customers are in the mood for an unsweet smoke, Swisher Sweets Silver is a fresh option to meet their vibe. Swisher Sweets Sliver is everything customers love about Swisher Sweets, but without the sweet. These classic cigarillos offer a smooth, rich taste created by master tobacco blenders.

This special unsweet blend will surely entice customers for another taste and is available in a resealable 2-count pouch with the “Sealed Fresh” guarantee.

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